• F.A.Q

    How do we engage your services?

    On the contact form is the best way to get in touch initially. Or give us a call on freephone / local rate number 03452591255.

    What is the process?

    Initially there is a no obligation consultation. You can opt to fill out a contact form to share your needs with us. We'll identify if there is an area that we may be able to help with. We will then recommend a thorough discovery which involves in in depth understanding of the issues involved. This is the first stage of any of our client engagements. Our clients are given an actionable plan to take the next steps forwards with. Many clients decide to implement through us or working with us, however it is not essential. You will have a report that you can use to navigate the next steps to improving your presence online. Be it with you executing the work required or with another marketing professional / team.

    Are you available 24 / 7?

    We have a flexible structure to meet the needs of our clients. As demands increase our structure changese to suit those needs. If a project has an international scope with teams working across timezones for example we are able to accommodate this through flexible working and team members themselves working in different timezones to assist with liason and project requirements. Normally however we work to a UK timezone in typical office hours. We're happy to take a call in the evening though, yet each project has its unique requirements to get in touch and we can see what suits your needs best.

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