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I've been slowly but surely improving our online presence. I'm experimenting with it. I have a blog to write about the Cobbler (shoe maker) wearing the worst shoes (essentially meaning that if its your job to do something for other people, there is a tendancy to neglect that talent on yourself. For us that mean our own web presence was suffering. This did not reflect well on the work we do for our clients. However, now, we are improving our web presence daily. You can take steps to improve your web presence too. When we engage in client projects we undertake both incremental improvements and website overhauls. It depends on what is required. The main thing here is to consider how you might go about improving your online presence.

This week we have been focusing on content, blogs, and site navigation. Today I have re-attached our 'Performance tips' sign-up so people can subscribe and benefit from that. We are already seeing increased engagement from these changes which is very positive. Good luck with your improvements. Reach out to us on Twitter or through our contact form and let us know how you are getting on and what you are planning on doing to improve your online performance.

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