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Google Analytics turns 10 years old

Google Analytics had its 10th Anniversary earlier this year. Brian Clifton looks into what's changed on this platform over the years. Changes that I recall from my use of it over the last 8 years.

The highlights are

  • An initial concern at the disruption a free analytics platform might bring to the market
  • Google analytics is on 30 million + websites
  • Its not perfect, but its pretty damn handy for a free tool

See the original article by Brian Clifton here.

My summary on Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you you to understand some of the usage behaviour of visitors to your website. It is not the easiest thing to open up and use out of the box and many comment that it is really an analysts tool and not for a general business user. However it does not stop you benefitting from it. If you get your tags set up properly and can set up useful experiments and goals then it can give your business significant insights into its online performance and areas for improvement. For me, its a tool in an arsenal, to be used at the right time for the right job. My advice if you are not using it, is to install it. One of the first things I do on a client engagement is to check out the Google Analytics (or other analytics) data to get an initial insight into the performance of the site. If you are not collecting the data then you are missing out on useful insights.

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