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Festival of Marketing

ConverXion attended the Festival of Marketing.

Hosted by Econsultancy - an online resource and training base for digital marketing best practice. They are fostering a community through their events and the Festival of Marketing was another example of a high value well attended event. If you are in marketing or have a business that benefits from attracting new audiences and engaging in different ways online then this conference was for you. If you can't take the time off to attend a three day event, or digital marketing or isn't your specialty then do not worry, because it is our specialty and we did attend on your behalf. We believe in keeping up to date with industry best practice and contributing to the conversation and direction of the industry. We came away with a number of tactical confirmations for client projects, where we see other companies embracing the techniques we've been using, as well as being able to lend other perspectives. We also picked up campaign techniques that will help our clients, both existing and new. In particular advanced analytical techniques and data quality for decision making. Taking this to a new level will help our clients take decisions to improve their performance decisively.

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Did you attend the Festival of Marketing? What did you think?

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