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Another search creature. Hummingbird.

Google's search algorithms have another friend from the animal kingdom

Search got more sophisticated. With Google's introduction of Hummingbird to their search algorithm a new layer of complexity was added. It brought in smarter text understanding with an ability to link more words. Semantic understanding of language means the computers can .

When we use a search engine it looks up web pages and finds results that match the criteria. The algorithm tells the search what to look for and what to send back in results. By making the algorithm, that is the set of instructions, smarter it can send back better results. Now advertisers and website owners will be able to use a wider variety of language and not stick so closely to key words on their website. The advanced Google Algorithm is able to understand a wider variety of language and make the association between different words and the meaning. So if you sell second hand cars, you do not need to fill the page with the phrase 'second hand cars'. You can use other phrases, such as 'used vehicle' as an example. Or 'luxury yachts' could be described as 'top of the line sail boats'.

The crux of the matter is that Google is dedicated to providing great search results for those using their search engine. What we can do as business owners and advertisers is to provide our audience with interesting content about the products and services they are interested in. We can now vary our language a bit more, and write more naturally. It is not so important to focus solely on specific 'key words' in, but you will naturally have to talk about the products and services you are offering, and hopefully in an interesting way :-) Happy authoring.

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